Clever Shave launch with possibly the most useful Father’s Day gift ever?

Posted by Ramsay McLellan on

Clever Shave has launched with a stated mission of ‘Giving the World a Better Shave’. Clever Shave is an online ecommerce business which will sell newly developed, money saving, shaving strops.

At the centre of the Blackpool based Clever Shave business are two unique products, Get Stroppy and The Artisan. Both take the idea of the old fashioned, Barber's Shaving Strop and update the concept for the 21st Century. Both products have good eco-friendly credentials (using them sees fewer razors thrown into landfill) and both are animal friendly and approved by the Vegetarian Society in the UK.

The Get Stroppy is made from stitched, hard-wearing DenimXtra with quality faux leather top and tail. The Artisan is rustic and 100% hand-made, using sustainably sourced rubberwood with stitched, hard-wearing DenimXtra and comes complete with a travel bag made from authentic Thai fabric.

Director Ramsay McLellan explains ‘At the heart of Clever Shave is saving money. Our shaving strops cleverly clean and re-align your razor blades, giving you a better shave and extending the life of your blade, giving you a better shave, day after day.’

Get Stroppy and The Artisan come in a unique gift box, plus customers get to choose a unique Gifting Card and have a personalised message included all included in the price.

Ramsay continues ‘It’s that time of year, when we all start to scratch our heads and wonder what we can get for Father’s Day. Buying something unique, useful and new seems to get harder every year! We think Clever Shave’s shaving strops are gifts that Dads will use every day, will help them stay looking clean cut, will save them money and is great for the environment. Everyone wins!’

Celebrity TV chef and author Dale Pinnock,known as the Medicinal Chef, has been testing a prototype of Get Stroppy and comments ‘Get Stroppy really works! I have only just replaced my regular razor from two weeks ago, and I’ve been using it daily. You are seriously on to something here!’

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