What do you get the man who has everything for Father’s Day?

Posted by Ramsay McLellan on

Clever Shave’s new, unique and original range of shaving strops are the perfect choice for a Father’s Day Gift for the man who has everything. Clever Shave are offering a guaranteed money back offer on their newly developed, money saving, range of shaving strops.

Clever Shave’s two unique products, Get Stroppy and The Artisan, have re-invented the concept of the old fashioned, Barber's Shaving Strop for the 21st Century. Both products will give users better, smoother shaves, save money by extending the life of blades with fewer razors thrown into landfill) and both are approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Director Ramsay McLellan explains ‘Buying for Father’s Day can be tricky – especially for more mature men who are well stocked with ties, socks, after shave and the other usual suspects for Father’s Day gifting. Finding something new and unique is almost impossible – and our shaving strops are a stylish addition to any bathroom!’

The Get Stroppy and The Artisan are made using stitched, hard-wearing DenimXtra as the surface for cleaning and straightening razor blades, to give a perfect shave, day after day. Get Stroppy and The Artisan come in a unique gift box, with a Gifting Card and a personalised message.

Director Ramsay McLellan continues ‘Clever Shave’s shaving strops are unique. We’re so sure, we’re offering a money back guarantee on all our Father’s Day gift sets if you buy and discover your Dad already has a similar product in the bathroom cabinet.’

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